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To enable and set up color swatches take the following steps:

1. Go to Online Store > Themes > Customize > Theme settings (paint brush icon) > Color swatches.

2. Enable the Show color swatches setting.

3. Specify the name of the option that the color swatches should appear under. Ex. if you have a shirt and your two options are Color and Size you’ll want to ensure it is set to Color rather than Size.

4. Select the style of color swatch you want to use.

Color code style:

If you choose the Color code style you will have to define your custom color codes in the textarea labeled Color codes. Add one color per line, if the variant name is Crimson red the color code should be defined like Crimson red: #990000;

Image style:

If you choose the Image style you will have to upload an image in your shopify admin panel to Settings > Files with a name that matches the variant title with spaces replaced by hyphens. Ex. if the variant title is Crimson red, your file should be called crimson-red.png

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