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The Creator theme is updated regularly to provide users with new features, bug fixes and support for the latest Shopify platform changes. Please refer to Shopify’s updating themes guide to learn more. The theme will update automatically unless the code has been modified. If the theme has been modified, you will have to download the latest version of the theme and manually re-apply your settings.

Manual update:

To manually update your theme take the following steps:

Transfer settings data:

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes > Add theme > Visit theme store.
  2. Use the search function and search for Creator.
  3. Select Creator in the search results.
  4. Click Add latest theme version. Note: This will install an unpublished version of the theme on your shop that will not affect the live store.
  5. After the new theme has installed, open your old themes code editor by going to Online store > Themes > … > Edit code.
  6. Search for settings_data.json.
  7. Open settings_data.json and copy the entirety of the file.
  8. Open the code editor for the new theme and replace the settings_data.json file content with the content you copied from the old version.
  9. Save.

Transfer section data:

  1. Open your old themes code editor by going to Online store > Themes > … > Edit code.
  2. Click the template directory in the sidebar.
  3. Any file that has a circle beside it has been changed, the contents of each one of these files will need to be copy and pasted over to your new theme.

After you complete copying over all of these files your theme has been updated.

Note: If you made any manual updates to your previous themes code these changes will need to be brought over manually as well. This is also true for any apps that may have injected code into your theme file.

Furthermore, if your theme version is notably older than the version you are updating to and copying over the settings fails it is possible that your settings are now legacy and will not work with the new version of the theme. If this is the case you will have to install a fresh version of the theme and re-configure the settings to match your old version.

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